*Both the Memorandum of Association and the By-laws of the Nova Scotia Women’s History Society are attached here.



 1. The name of the Society is “Nova Scotia Women’s History Society.”
 2. The objects of the Society are:

A. To promote diversity and inclusivity in our community and recognize the historical relevance and contributions of women in Nova Scotia, through:

        • Facilitation of the design, construction and maintenance of plaques and other interpretive materials;
        • Research, education, and commemoration by way of workshops, conferences, speaking services, school presentations, , projects and/or other activities;
        • Operation of a website for the general public;
        • Such other activities, as appropriate;

B. To acquire by way of grant, gift,  purchase, bequest, devise or otherwise, property, whether real or personal, immovable or movable, of every class and description whatsoever and to use and apply, exclusively for the charitable purposes herein mentioned, the principal thereof as well as the income therefrom;

C. To make expenditures by way of grant or gift and to contribute any kind of property and assistance to charitable organizations;

D. To invest moneys of the Society not immediately required for such charitable purposes in real or personal property of every nature and kind whatsoever, and for purposes incidental to such holding to purchase or otherwise acquire and to sell or otherwise dispose of any such real or personal property; and

E. To do all such other acts or things to support or facilitate achieving these objects.

3. Nothing in this memorandum permits the Society to carry on any trade, industry or business. 

4. The Society’s objects and affairs will be carried on without purpose of personal gain to any of the Members and any surplus funds of the Society will be used in accordance with this memorandum.

5. The activities of the Society are to be carried on in in Nova Scotia.

6 .The registered mailing address of the Society is P.O. Box 60022, Halifax Professional Centre PO, Halifax, NS, B3H 4R7.

7. In the event of winding-up or dissolution of the Society, funds and assets of the Society remaining after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities shall be distributed or disposed of to qualified donees described in Subsection 149.1 (1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada).