Message from the Chair

Latest News from the Halifax Women’s History Society – November 2021

Watch the Message from the Chair – Kirby Ross

Dear Society Members and Interested Members of the Public,

Four years ago today, the Halifax Women’s History Society unveiled The Volunteers/Les Bénévoles monument on the waterfront of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Helping to break the bronze ceiling and bring attention to women’s history in the province, our journey did not stop there.

Since the unveiling, you may be wondering: what has the society has been up to? While we have been working away quietly, our projects have expanded outside of the boundaries of Halifax. As past chair Sharon MacDonald has stated, the society does not wish to limit itself to HRM. The society seeks to promote, research, preserve, and interpret women’s histories from across the province.

We’re excited to announce that the Halifax Women’s History Society has changed its name to the Nova Scotia Women’s History Society! Today we are launching our new name, logo, and website! Realizing that our name did not fit our mandate, these changes come with our efforts to become more inclusive and further the society’s reach. By rebranding, we are working to celebrate women’s stories from all of the diverse communities of Nova Scotia.

One of our newest projects is our invited talks series “Dialogues”. Launching in January 2022, Dialogues is a conversational talks series, featuring a variety of professionals and community members who will engage each other in discussions about a specific history topics. Taking different formats and filled with an interactive atmosphere, we strive to make history more accessible to all.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the society, have an idea for a project, or would like to serve on one of our committees, we would like to invite you to reach out. Please feel free to contact us via email at:

We hope that you are excited as we are about the society’s future and that you will join us in our next steps!

All the best wishes,
Kirby Ross
Chair of the Nova Scotia Women’s History Society