Welcome to our newest members, who have signed up this spring. Thank you so much for joining the Halifax Women’s History Society and its Woman on the Waterfront project. We are very excited about this endeavour. We now have a membership of 200+ and are aiming to hit the 300 mark by our official launch. 

Our official launch is scheduled! We will have a media news conference and membership event on Thursday, Oct. 29 in the morning at City Hall in Halifax. This is the day we will “go public” with our plans and begin an extensive campaign to have our monument in place by the fall of 2017. 

We will have major announcements to make at this event, including the site for our monument — The Volunteers/Les Bénévoles — so we hope many of you can join us. We will keep you informed and provide more details after the summer about the event, but we want to inform you now of the date so you can circle it on your calendars.

The Halifax Women’s History Society will have a busy summer. We are planning the launch event, are involved in negotiations for a waterfront site, and continue to raise funds towards our target goal.  

How Can You Help?

Some members have asked how they can help us. We are suggesting that members ask one friend, relative or acquaintance to consider becoming a member. They can sign up at our web site at the membership page http://novascotiawomenshistory.ca/membership-2/  

On that page, you will find a membership form that can be downloaded and sent with a cheque for $25 for a lifetime membership to The Halifax Women’s History Society, P.O. Box 60022, Halifax Professional Centre PO, Halifax, N.S. B3H 4R7. There is also an option to use PayPal and pay directly through the web site.

Thank you again for your continuing support of this exciting project. We hope you have a wonderful summer. If you wish to contact us, our email address is womanwaterfront@gmail.comor you can send an inquiry through our web site at http://halfiaxwomenshistory.ca

Mary Somers
Communication Chair, Halifax Women’s History Society and  WOW Project